Horoscope week of october 30 2019

Aries: October 12222

Other people around you will also be looking for a distraction so beware that they might try to get you talking in order to serve that purpose and ultimately distracting you as well. Virgo, you might find today especially difficult to deal with. There will be a lot of issues that come up that you will have to delegate or pass on as you will either not know how to deal with it or have enough on your hands doing what you need to do.

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You might find that you feel especially difficult to let go of certain projects and watch other people do them. You will feel frustrated and irritated today. You will be doing a lot of good today in the interim, so give yourself some credit and also a break. Libra, you may be worried about some things today that aren't a very big deal in the long run. In fact, worrying will only make things worse. If it's possible to find something to take your mind off of things, it's a good idea to do so. You will have work to do, though that's less likely to help as it is to agitate your worries, so turning to socialization is probably the best bet.

Finding a lovely coworker to listen to about what's happening with them should help you think about other things.

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Scorpio, you will be functioning quite well in an atmosphere where you will be able to figure out what's going wrong with multiple projects. Today is a little different as you are especially talented for a day like today where subtle problem solving is the only way to get things done. You will feel like you have a good handle on everything and even the hiccups will just go by smoothly. Sagittarius, you will find things to do in the slower parts of the day that will keep you feeling productive without getting on anyone's nerves.

Be patient today. It's important not to project your frustrations with yourself onto others. After work, try to seek out media that makes you laugh and enjoy yourself a little with some lightheartedness. Capricorn, you will definitely attempt to work harder today than is necessary.

The day will probably push right back at you and there will be roadblocks that keep you from getting things done. Going in unusual directions will be the way to get things done, and it will be a lot slower of a process than you prefer. You should definitely listen to those around you, especially Water signs, that may have an easier time through this sort of day than you are.

Aquarius, you may have an issue come up today that you'd rather not deal with. It's best to take it head on, even though it may seem bigger than you can handle. It's totally within your power and will be fine if you face it right away. Also, there may be someone in your life that needs to have one of your out of this world conversations, so keep an ear out for that. Pisces, you will feel like you're floating along today and it will be hard for anyone to quite pinpoint you.

It's the sort of day where someone looking for you will have just missed every time they enter a room.

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You will not mind this as being hard to contact today sounds ideal. You will keep walking through life with your head somewhat on work and also on your inner self. Daily Horoscope for Today October 30, Aries Daily Horoscope for Today October 30, Taurus Daily Horoscope for Today October 30, Gemini Daily Horoscope for Today October 30, Stick with normal routines and schedules in the week ahead as shaking things up may leave you feeling flustered and overwhelmed.

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LEO July Aug. A loved one may be on the war path this week but you know just the right words to calm them down. Investment opportunities may prove more harmful than helpful.

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A special someone may have a lot to say this week and you would be wise to listen. You and a partner may be in perfect sync without even needing to say a word in the week to come. Concentrate on matters of the heart and your love life as business and career endeavors may prove unsatisfying. Romance blossoms as you and a significant other forge a bond that borders on a spiritual plane.

Use your best judgment and good taste to purchase items that are of lasting value and importance this week.

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You may acquire or discover something that only seems to appeal to you. It is not a good week to gamble with finances or make investments. Being sympathetic and kind will attract like-minded individuals who hope to share your positive energy. Frank and honest discussions may yield valuable new insights as this week unfolds.

The sun in Libra illuminates the busy sector of your chart, finding you focusing on your day job and your daily habits. October 1 opens on an intense note as your ruling planet Venus clashes with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, in fellow earth sign Capricorn—watch out for jealousy and obsession. If someone is trying to control your calendar, boss you around, or micromanage you in inappropriate ways, now is the time to call them out, draw a boundary, and bring in a third party to help mediate the situation.

October 3 continues with the intense vibes as Pluto ends its retrograde and communication planet Mercury enters your opposite sign Scorpio. Pluto's change in direction creates a heavy atmosphere, one that calls you to reconnect with your spiritual practice. A new perspective is needed now as your old ideas about the world are being washed away.

Leo weekly horoscope - 7 Oct 12222, Monday - 13 Oct 12222, Sunday

Mercury's entry into Scorpio kicks up communication in your relationships, finding your partners especially eager to get their ideas out there. Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac: As Mercury moves through Scorpio, it will be a fascinating time for researching and exploring topics that intrigue you.

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Action planet Mars enters diplomatic air sign Libra on October 4, finding you politely but decisively cutting ties with people, plans, and situations that are no longer suited for you. Surprising conversations take place as Mercury opposes Uranus, which is currently in your sign, on October 7. A brilliant breakthrough takes place, but a contrarian energy is also in the air and finding a compromise may be hard, even though they are necessary!

This is one of those times to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences, but that you don't have to align yourself with people who don't share your vision of progress. Also on October 7, the sun clashes with Saturn in Capricorn, creating a difficult energy as you try to push forward in projects.

Remember: The bigger your ego, the harder the energy! This is an important moment to be mature and to set and respect boundaries. Your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio on October 8, bringing blessings to your relationships.

horoscope week of october 30 2019 Horoscope week of october 30 2019
horoscope week of october 30 2019 Horoscope week of october 30 2019
horoscope week of october 30 2019 Horoscope week of october 30 2019
horoscope week of october 30 2019 Horoscope week of october 30 2019
horoscope week of october 30 2019 Horoscope week of october 30 2019
horoscope week of october 30 2019 Horoscope week of october 30 2019

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