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A strologically Amycus is a heavy weight, well capable of expressing the more brutal qualities of the mythological version. If dominant in the radix horoscope, this Centaur may stimulate an insatiable urge for power, a tendency to manipulate, and is verbally a fighter to the extreme. Respect for the integrity of other people is weak, distorted or absent, and in a worst case scenario, even assault or rape cannot be ruled out, although in almost all cases this happens psychologically and mentally.


The power game is — also in its most dull and ugly expression — linked to lust and passion and has a sexual undertone. Venus conjuncts the Saturnal asteroid Tukmit and Typhon infighting in Leo trine Varda impact, violent emotional outbursts. Amycus has its discovery position in Libra opposition its discovery-Sun in Aries, indicating ambition whereby social connections are used to serve a selfish strive for power. Amycus is richly represented in the BDSM scene and within the realm of power politics.

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Farben, the pharmaceutical company that created I. Auswitz, was a subsidiary of Rockefeller, which, according to various historians, was therefore not bombarded by the allied forces. In the radix horoscope, Amycus denotes a point that provides information about a personal power source, or shows by which specific means or tactics one tries to gain power.

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Opposites with Amycus indicate what other power represented by a celestial body in the opposite house and sign will act as an undermining force or obstacle on the way to personal power. Amycus transits can manifest temporarily power struggles or issues. Amycus is also associated with the anomaly that was latent in a system Uranus exact conjunct Thule while Mark Andrew Holmes links the Centaur to innocent victims of violence or getting caught up in violence.

Amycus has an orbital period is years and days. There is a tendency to attach to a mate out of desperation or because one is tired of being alone. Often those with Hylonome in the seventh house mourn the relationship that they are in because it is lacking the attachment they thought it promised or mourn the relationships they are not in because they have not attached properly.

Learning to appreciate the relationship one has while one has it. Becoming paranoid over "what if's?

Chiron and Friends - Hylonome and Cyllarus

People with Hylonome here may choose to remain alone rather than risk losing a love. Hylonome in the ninth house- To be separated from your ideals is death.

Hylonome Discovery Chart

Learning to hold one's beliefs lightly. There is a tendency to think one is their beliefs and go Into a tail spin when there is a change in dichotomy or world view. Hylonome in the tenth house- Sudden separations or changes in career or the work environment can be a great source of pain.

Learning to gracefully accept changes in career and the trajectory of success. A tendency to devote too much loyalty to a company or enterprise and then feel cut out personally. Hylonome in the eleventh house- A need to accept that love is not the end all be all of living. Happiness comes from many sources. People with Hylonome here often mourn the loss of their dream of the perfect mate.

A tendency to equate ones happiness with how inspired one is by their lovers. Learning that the most reliable lovers are friends. Hylonome in the twelfth house- Often there is a deep seated fear of being alone with this placement. It is not unusual to see people with Hylonome in the twelfth creating unconscious situations where their lovers or dear one's must depend on them. A tendency to give too much care to ensure they they are not forgotten or go unnoticed. Jump to.

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asteroid hylonome astrology Asteroid hylonome astrology
asteroid hylonome astrology Asteroid hylonome astrology
asteroid hylonome astrology Asteroid hylonome astrology
asteroid hylonome astrology Asteroid hylonome astrology
asteroid hylonome astrology Asteroid hylonome astrology

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