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Sometimes we change our minds about what to order, because we are not sure what it is that we want. Cheques may have to be re-presented at the bank, re-sent, altered or changed in some way or refunded for an item that was paid for in advance and not delivered, or not available at that point in time. Letters go astray, correspondence sent to the wrong person or address and a general mixup of information occurs. Misunderstandings also happen as the information is relayed incorrectly or distorted in some way or delayed so as to cause confusion or other obstacles get in the way of delivery.

Time is usually of the essence and this is the very thing we have no control over. We can try our hardest to get something off the ground but a hindrance of one sort or the other obstructs the action.

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We may miss planes, trains or automobiles and have to catch a bus which misses the next connection and get there late. Free horoscopes by sun signs based on real astrological calculations. All of this just because Mercury has turned retrograde for a few weeks. Eventually though, as in all things, life goes back to normal once Mercury resumes direct motion and we follow suit.

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Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition This one-day wrench-thrower of a transit could have you running for the exit. Talk it out and find a compromise that works for both of you. Pace yourself this month, Scorpio. Leave time for self-care and creative or restorative activities.

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Your dreams hold special import now and deliver messages for important projects. Head to the museum, an indie movie or a peaceful botanical garden. Let this alone time inspire you. Luckily, some balance is provided by mental Mercury, the planet of communication, which starts an extended trip through Scorpio from October 3 through December 9. Start polishing your social media and front-facing presence.

Scorpio October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

The October 27 Scorpio new moon is a great launch date for your audacious goals and debuts. People could be flaky or erratic today. Your message could get misinterpreted or lost in the shuffle.

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Rather than dig yourself in deeper, wait for them to make the next move. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Libra Illustrated PopSocket. Scorpio Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Scorpio Illustrated PopSocket. Sagittarius Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Sagittarius Illustrated PopSocket. However, consider this: if you want to communicate with loved ones you might have to be a little more direct. Perhaps you should spend a little longer preparing your case. Your social stars become stronger, which means that even at work it is personal relationships which count for the most. Look at the long-term, making every effort to broaden your horizons.

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