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So draw a line under the previous year and make a fresh start. Extra energy, vitality, and initiative are best used expressing what you want, what your goals are, and getting started. September 28 to October 28 — New Moon September brings love, enjoyment and good fortune. However, increased fun and romance could force adjustments in other areas of life, or restlessness and boredom may lead you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life. October 2 to 21 — Mars in your decan gives energy, strength, and courage.

It can make you feel sexy and sporty but also frustrated and angry. Being too assertive while being selfish could cause arguments or conflict. Channel your aggression into passion to succeed in sports, business, sexual conquest and war. October 13 to 27 — Full Moon October brings some intense emotions but overall, this is a generous full moon with opportunities to transform, grow and find happiness. This is an especially good moon phase for partners who are going through rough times because it promotes love and reconciliation.

October 31 to November 10 — Venus sextile your decan brings peace and harmony with opportunities for love and money. Increased charm and popularity make this an excellent time for socializing, entertaining and dating. October 31 to November 20 — Mercury Retrograde can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels, and electronics.

Decan 1 Libra Horoscope October 12222

But this Mercury retrograde has as a friendly, sociable influence. It should be relatively easy to resolve any communication mishaps because of a prevailing sense of cooperation and harmony. Libra horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Libra Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors.

May 20 to October 24 — Jupiter sextile your decan brings happiness and optimism as good things seem to come more easily.

Sun enters Scorpio

It turns any challenges from your difficult Saturn transit mentioned below into opportunities. Study or long-distance travel could broaden your horizons.

You are being redirected

All year — Saturn square your decan can represent a forced turning point where you feel pressured and burdened. At times it may feel like everything and everyone is against you, which can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement. But this month, your lucky Jupiter transit overshadows the restrictive influence of Saturn.

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October 13 to November 30 — Saturn sextile Neptune climaxing on November 8 helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. The moon enters Pisces, illuminating the communication sector of your chart today, Capricorn. Easy energy flows in your social life as the moon connects with Venus, and some unexpected fun arrives as the moon connects with Uranus. Your focus turns to finances today as the moon enters Pisces. Creativity and abundance flow as the moon connects with darling Venus, and the moon connects with your ruling planet Uranus today, bringing excitement to your personal life.

The moon enters your sign today, Pisces! Make space to nourish yourself and get lost in something you love. Flirt with a crush or spend time dancing as the moon connects with Venus, or take a risk as the moon connects with Uranus. Exciting ideas will be shared! Make time to rest today and catch up on alone time, Aries. The moon enters Pisces, asking you to be gentle with yourself. The moon mingles with Venus and Uranus, bringing you exactly what you need—believe in the impossible, you may just get what you're wishing for!

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The moon enters Pisces, illumining the friendship sector of your chart today, and gentle energy for communication flows as the moon connects with your ruling planet Venus. The moon also mingles with rebellious Uranus, inspiring you to take a risk! You can also try and gain the attention of someone from the opposite sex, however, Ganesha predicts not to get swayed, especially if you're taking some important decisions. You might feel sad when it comes to communicating with your loved ones today. You will try to safeguard the feelings other people and keep them from being hurt.

You will learn that total agreement is sometimes twice as seductive in love's intimacies, feels Ganesha. You might have to face some tension which will end up making you nervous and feel uneasy. A member of your family might get diagnosed with a grave illness. However, Ganesha predicts that things will ease out during the later part of the day. Today, you will have to focus on all your near and dear ones and give them your undivided attention.

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Today, you will ooze charm in your actions and your one of your relative's response will take you by surprise. If you've had some long-time relations they progress and benefit you. Professionalism always impresses, no matter who you are or what you do.

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Remember this, and adopt the professional attitude that is, in a way, intrinsic to you. It shall go a long way in helping you impress new business partners. Also, expect a few concessions from your seniors at work. You have earned them, so use them wisely. Everything said, today shall be the day when you say goodbye to your negativity and adopt a more positive outlook to life. In personal life, you will be mystified by your partner's devotion and commitment.

You may have to face some problems in the house but it will be sorted by the end of the day. However, go give your best to revolve them, says Ganesha. Plans may be to open a joint account or start a venture in partnership. You can spend the evening socialising with people, says Ganesha.

libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019
libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019
libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019
libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019
libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019
libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019
libra 23 october horoscope 2019 Libra 23 october horoscope 2019

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