Astrology january 30 eclipse

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

Note: Depending on your time zone, this also may take place on the 20th. March 28 — Mercury Goes Direct : Phew! Say goodbye to Mercury in retrograde as you breathe a sigh of relief: The week of lost emails and screwy commutes is over. April 5 — New Moon in Aries : Enjoy the spring weather and celebrate a new moon cycle by throwing a dinner party, and embrace Aries energy to ensure you're the queen of the table as the new lunar cycle begins as the moon moves through Aries. Use this period to reflect.

Jupiter rules laws, philosophy, and wisdom, so when this planet is retrograde take a moment to pause and reflect upon how those themes affect your life. April 19 — Full Moon in Libra : Conclude a cycle by re-organizing your closet a the moon transits in Libra, the sign of balance. Donate old winter clothes or put them into storage, or do a spell to attract new love with Libra power, which is the sign of relationships.

April 20 — Taurus Season Begins : Depending on your time zone it may be the 19th, but it's no coincidence that this day is also a friendly holiday. Taureans love all things luxury, and that includes indulging in cannabis , possibly in a park with a well-curated picnic. May 4 — New Moon in Taurus : Act like a cuddly cow Taurus is represented by the bull and stay in for a lavish new moon bath by soaking in salts to cleanse and replenish as we celebrate new beginnings with a new moon in the sign of opulent Taurus. May 18 — Full Moon in Scorpio : There is only one way to spend a full moon in Scorpio, the sign of sex and death, and that is by furiously masturbating under the light of the new moon or getting your kink on with a partner.

May 21— Gemini Season Begins : Geminis, like Scorpios, may have a bad reputation I blame Donald Trump but actually are one of the most delightful signs.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

They're the life of the party, and as the sign of the twins, they can make great romantic partners because they're in search of their other half. June 3 — New Moon in Gemini : Go out on this dark summer night to a party or local bar and kick off the new lunar cycle Gemini-style by getting your flirt on. Wear something sheer and flowy as the new moon transits through Gemini. What the two signs have in common is that they both know how to capture a crowd. Let June be a month of heading to parties and soaking up attention.

Full moons are infamous for bringing out our animal nature, so lean into that impulse — but this time, wear sequins so the moonlight can bounce off you like a disco ball as it occupies the energy of Sagittarius. June 18 — Saturn Sextile Neptune : This is the second time this transit occurs in , with a third one approaching in November in a celestial occurrence that hasn't happened since What aspects of your life were you focused on that far back?

Reflect and make any connections for your personal journey, and as mentioned in your horoscope beware of overindulging during this transit. June 21 — Cancer Season Begins : Cancer, represented by the crab , loves its shell, which means the home is very important to them. Enjoy a cuddly night at home with your own family friends, partners, and pets count to kick off this season and rest from so much partying. June 21 — Summer Solstice : The first day of Cancer season is also the summer solstice. Just because you're staying inside doesn't mean you can't let the sunlight in.

Celebrate with a BBQ and invite anyone your nearest and dearest. July 2 — New Moon in Cancer : Embrace the fresh start of a dark sky, new moon, and new lunar cycle by gathering inside with your coven. This doesn't need to be an "official" coven; friends and family count , but whatever makes you feel at home and loved with a new moon in Cancer.

Astrology Jan 30 - Feb 7 (♒️II): The Crimson Mirror | Austin Coppock

As mentioned before, eclipses are emotional times often full of surprises, so it's safest to stay in with people you trust and lay low. July 7 — Mercury Retrograde : Don't panic; just triple-check all emails and hold off on signing any important paperwork if you can. July 22 — Leo Season Begins : Leo, the magnificent lion of the zodiac , loves attention.

Put on an outfit you love and head to a party, your favorite club, or anywhere that makes you feel confident and alive. July 31 — New Moon in Leo : As new moons are beginnings, use this night to reflect or perform some candle magick if you hope to see some advancement in your career.

August 11— Jupiter Goes Direct : Reflect on what wisdom you've learned throughout the year, and since Jupiter went retrograde in April, and put such learnings to use. This is a powerful time to perform magick with the intention of helping a marginalized community or going to a local meet-up to become involved in an important cause to you. Even though Aquarius season takes place around the start of the new year, when the moon is in this sign, it's an excellent time to harness such energy.

August 23 — Virgo Season Begins : Celebrate the start of Virgo season by planning your fall calendar and getting organized. Virgos are also sensitive and care deeply about those they love even if they can come off as harsh , so check in on those you really care about, including yourself. August 30 — New Moon in Virgo : Clear up clutter and start fresh by tossing out anything that may be harboring bad energy, such as exes' belongings.

September 14 — Full Moon in Pisces : Harness the power of the full moon in this creative sign Pisces by drawing a bath. As you cleanse yourself, try to shed any form of writer's block or fear that may be holding you back from creating art, whatever that means to you. September 23 — Libra Season Begins : Libras are the sign of balance and relationships although they're also great flirts, even when partnered so celebrate Libra season by going out and ethically getting your flirt on, either with new people or your current partner.

September 23 — Autumn Equinox : The leaves may be falling and cold nights are on their way, but there's nothing to fear, as with death comes rebirth. Throw a dinner party with friends and remind yourself that even as the season changes, you can rely on yourself. September 28 — New Moon in Libra : Now is the time to roll your sleeves up and get to work on those creative projects you reflected on during the full moon. October 13 — Full Moon in Aries : Soak in the magickal light of the full moon like a strong Aries, as the full moon transits through this sign, and cast a spell or intention to manifest more abundance in your professional and financial realms.

Horoscopes for the January 12222 New Moon in Capricorn

October 23 — Scorpio Season Begins : Scorpio is the sign of sex and rebirth , and it's no coincidence that this spooky and mysterious sign has their time during the period in which we celebrate such holidays as Halloween. It's the perfect time of year to embrace your sexuality and reflect on your shadow side.

Sometimes, the things that are holding you back can be transformed into superpowers. October 27 — New Moon in Scorpio : Stay in and masturbate, and imagine a goal of yours coming to fruition as you orgasm. That's sex magick, and Scorpio season is ideal for it. October 31 — Mercury Retrograde : On Halloween , when you're likely to be out and partying, please double check that you're sexting the right person.

Mercury also goes retrograde on this night, and this cosmic event has a habit of messing with digital communication. November 8 — Saturn Sextile Neptune : In this final transit of the year, again, remember to practice moderation as this transit can encourage a little too much debauchery. November 12 — Full Moon in Taurus : Luxuriate in the Taurus full moon by hitting the town for a night out with friends, but don't be surprised if things get a little wild. November 20 — Mercury Goes Direct : Still always double-check who you're consensually sexting , but breathe easier now that the planet of communication is moving in the right direction again.

November 22 — Sagitarrius Season Begins: It's time to enter the holiday season with the boldness of a centaur as strong, intelligent, and travel-hungry Sagitarrius is here. November 26 — New Moon in Sagittarius : During this time of year we celebrate what we're grateful for, so reflect on that during the new moon in Sagittarius. This sign loves to be the life of the party, which can definitely be wonderful but is best balanced when those who know you best are there to help ground you. December 2 — Jupiter leaves Sagittarius : Jupiter leaves Saggitarius, where it has been stationed since November 8, The planet's month-long run in adventurous, life of the party Saggitarius ends as the planet leaves Sagittarius and enters business-minded Capricorn, where it will stay from December 3 to December 18 of December 12 — Full Moon in Gemini : Embrace the power of the twins, as the moon harnesses their power, with a full moon meditation of self-love and acceptance.

It is there — in the life that you make, the style in which you adorn yourself, and the moments and objects you bring into being — that your authenticity can be best seen. This is a vital, life-giving process, and well worth protecting. The shadow of this Eclipse falls across family and home.

Look back at your origin story, and consider the way you tell it. The Eclipse spills across your weekly ramblings to and fro. Who are you in the middle of your day, between appointments and errands? Although this area of life seems incidental, accidental, mere mesentery, this is where we spend so much of our time — dashing here and there, doing this and then that, talking to him and then her.

By learning to more fully inhabit these between-spaces, you can reclaim a vast territory. Do the material constituents of your life reflect you? Ask yourself what equipment you need to live more authentically. A boxer needs a heavy bag, a writer needs a fine pen. What equipment does being-who-you-are require? Feelings related to money may also emerge under this configuration.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Pride in earning, shame in poverty. Neither of these is essentially who you are, yet if they matter to you, let them. If you desire to see yourself crystalized into a pile of silver, then so be it. Material wealth is not the measure of value, you are. Yet if you decide you value the material, then it is no less, and no more, valuable than anything else — for you are the final arbiter. The Eclipse washes over your sign like a red flood. Your passions will likely rise to high tide, with 20 foot swells of shame and pride. Your job is to let these mighty waves wash up and over you without being swept away by them.

Though some may bring pleasure and others pain, it is a sea of medicine whose swells crash against you, each wave making you that much more whole and complete. For many born to the Virgin, it is not shame which is hidden, but pride. The praise you reject feeds this golden shadow. Own it, slip into it like a glittering robe. Your greatest fear, that there is a part of you which is obnoxiously fabulous, may in fact be true.

Deal with it. The shadow of the Eclipse falls across your public persona. It may be time to let a bit more of you show, and not just the painstakingly-crafted Libra bits. You may want to consider letting some of the less tidy parts show — a bit of claw here, an inappropriate halo there. The tinted light of the Eclipse falls across the landscape of your professional life. How does your work in the world reflect you? Are you present there, or just putting in hours? Prioritizing authentic labor may stir your ambition to secure a different spot in this world, or it may simply help you remember why you do what you do.

Whatever the case, remember to bring your soul to work with you, even if it is occasionally inconvenient. The odd light of the Eclipse illuminates distant goals. Instead of gazing at these victories from afar, thinking of how they will change or justify you, consider that you are already the same person as that future, accomplished self, just as the arrow mid-flight is the same arrow which strikes the target. Let yourself feel the satisfaction of being en route, already loosed and on your way. Ruddy lunar rays wreathe the exchanges between yourself and others.

Stained moon-light falls across the umbilici which connects you to others. Packets of time, energy and money race back and forth, feeding you, feeding them.

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This Eclipse is a call to sort through the way you characterize these back-and-forths. You are not a giver, you are not a taker. You are both of these, and more. Reconsider simplifications of your transactional self. The odd light of the Eclipse falls across the image of your beloved, revealing the passionate contradictions within.

See in them the complexity you know to be found within you. Remember that the face they daily wear is but a limited expression of the being within. Let your understanding reach out and embrace that vast territory.

Astrology of Today – Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The strange light of the Eclipse trickles down into the crevices of your daily habits and obligations. It may be that no vision of angel or demon within awaits you during this Eclipse, as the Pisces ego is already composed of such exotic material. No, it is the portion of the Self lost amidst mundane details which needs to be reclaimed.

What is hidden is not a god, but someone content with the small and unimaginative. Pacific Rim?

Sun-Pluto, Solar Eclipse, Uranus Direct & More - Astrology of JANUARY 2019 - Part 1

Hmm, wonder if this links up to what happened with thr false nuclear attack alarm in Hawaii. I was chatting online with a friend there when it happened, and people genuinely thought they were going to die.

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    I love 36 Faces as well. I started to feel sick late the night before—managed to pull through, doze fitfully, wake up before dawn, do the operation, consecrate a couple of things apt for a lunar eclipse—especially one in Leo. I went back to bed and had very appropriate, vivid, and entailed dreaming based on the astrology of it all. Your email address will not be published. Austin Coppock is an astrologer, author, teacher, and presenter based in Ashland, OR.

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    astrology january 30 eclipse Astrology january 30 eclipse
    astrology january 30 eclipse Astrology january 30 eclipse
    astrology january 30 eclipse Astrology january 30 eclipse
    astrology january 30 eclipse Astrology january 30 eclipse
    astrology january 30 eclipse Astrology january 30 eclipse

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