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Go to your local coffee shop and buy a stranger a cup of coffee. Join a protest and get your voice heard. Start telling people about your business. The face and head are the physical realm of Aries, therefore a little TLC to your face is in order. You can do this at home, or go see a professional.

An Aries new moon is a great time to start a new face routine. Since Aries is the also the ruler of your head: why not use it this new moon. Pull out a piece of paper, some pens or markers, and get to brainstorming all the things you are passionate about. If we can see what we love doing it makes it easier to know what we want to be doing.

This can help guide you through the next year. People who are Aries love road trips in fast cars. Embrace that new moon Aries energy by planning your dream road trip. Where would you go? Who would you go with? What woudl you do? The fun is in the planning.

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Mars visits his home sign, Aries, once every two years and this is a time you should always note in your diary. You call the shots and can make huge strides with anything that you put your mind to.

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But watch out for arguments, as Mars makes you even more ballsy. Only a real Aries will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz! Mars in Aries is like the proverbial rod that keeps you on your toes. You may be undergoing frantic preparations behind the scenes, getting ready for the big push or to unveil an ambitious project that will need all your strength once Mars enters your sign on 14 February. Your sex drive is also on the rise. Only a real Taurus will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz!

Your world springs into life once Mars enters Aries! This may be because you have events to attend and places to be. Or it may be because you are pouring all your energies toward an ambitious dream.


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Your magnetism is on the rise but so is your bravado. No fighting. Only a real Gemini will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz! Mars in Aries is here to add turbo blasters to your career trajectory. January 1st to February 14th is the ultimate time to pursue your career ambitions with energy and dynamism and promote yourself to a higher position.

Only a real Cancer will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz! As a fellow fire sign, you feel an affinity with the energy and enthusiasm of Mars in Aries. Of course, he is much more rash and crude than you would ever allow yourself to be but nonetheless, this is exactly what you need to get yourself fired up about something that could take you outside of your comfort zone.

Whether that is speaking in public for the first time, travelling to an exotic place or creating your first blog. Time to spread your wings! Only a real Leo will get 5 out of 5 questions right in this quiz! Mars in Aries is a bit of a fireball coming from left field and could well be a thorn in your side. You like your world neat and tidy, you see, and an Arian Mars is a bit like a Tasmanian devil. If you want to transform something in your life - your body, your finances - this is your chance. A bit of crisis kicks your sex drive into high gear too.

You are enough today and every day.

JERA energy represents the cycles of nature working in your life. You may want to seek the counsel of someone you can trust for sound advice. You're probably used to be the helper but sometimes we all need a friend to give us a hand. ANSUZ offers you support in taking care of yourself today. Tangible things you can put your hands on are easier for you, WYRD is here to remind you that an intangible world exists to and it's as real as the material world is.

If events today seem somewhat hazy and you can't get a firm grasp on what's afoot, relax and trust in the greater forces that encircle us all. If you're in a loving partnership, it may have a fated feel today and events could prove to be rather obviously unpredictable and possibly a bit confusing. Let go of the need to control things and the dust will settle revealing the image of what you need to understand. The unseen and mysterious are the realm of WYRD.

The energy of this rune is of the unknown and secrets dealings of existence. Aries you have EOLH as your runic energy and that brings with it support in overcoming obstacles of all sorts. Success may come to you today and you've certainly worked hard for it. You may find today is a time of maintaining a handle on your emotions as EOLH instills you with emotional control. EOLH is a protective rune and shelter is a theme here.

You could even experience some sort of temptation as EOLH can portend an exciting opportunity that may not be the best course to take. Examine events thoroughly before launching into them. They will be a source of strength for you like you are for them if you let them be present with you. Finding some quiet time together would be a good way to connect today. Leo, today you may feel a bit tired with NIED appearing as your rune.

Have you been working a lot and staying up late?

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You know burning the candle at both ends leads you to feel less than your energetic optimistic self. Spend some time today doing things that help you to feel recharged. You have many things on your plate and like a juggler, the point is to keep things rotating evenly and not losing anything to the floor. NIED is a rune of hard work but also understanding your limitations intimately. If you're in a love relationship currently try to let your partner help you relax. Don't be afraid to let them know if your truly tired and need time to just be.


They will likely understand and maybe they could use a break too. Sagittarius, you have ISA appearing as your rune today. ISA brings things to a halt. Its the reins on a horse. Tempering our movements is necessary at times. If you experience some type of stagnation don't fret over it, ISA energy is rather fleeting. ISA will offer you a chance to tie up loose ends before your momentum is regained. Patience is a tenement of ISA. If you're in an intimate partnership lets things just be for now. Focus on connecting where you are now. Avoid pushing anything during this time as ISA energy indicates you won't get too far with it today, better wait to take action or start anything new until the energy has passed if you can.

Amanda Ilene Sawyer is a writer and Mississippi native who is interested in science, anthropology, and spiritualism. When she's not writing about astrology, numerology, and tarot, she enjoys running her business and designing macrame pieces for her Etsy shop and singing with The Springfield Metro Chorus.


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daily pioneer tarot aries Daily pioneer tarot aries
daily pioneer tarot aries Daily pioneer tarot aries
daily pioneer tarot aries Daily pioneer tarot aries
daily pioneer tarot aries Daily pioneer tarot aries
daily pioneer tarot aries Daily pioneer tarot aries
daily pioneer tarot aries Daily pioneer tarot aries

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